Working with Picture Box Molding

ASKED BY DANA • APR 14, 2019

Hello, we have very white picture frame molding in our living room with Greyish carpet and couch, what color would you pain the walls. Side q if possible... would you just get rid of the molding altogether?

Hi Dana! 

Thanks so much for reaching out! I am a big fan of intricate molding and love the look either painted or left white for contrast! I would have benefitted from the opportunity to speak with you further regarding your preferences for the color direction, but I will advise based on what will work best alongside the pieces shown. 

Based on the images provided of your space, I would highly recommend choosing a neutral shade of gray and using this to paint the walls (and the inner portion of the boxes) so that the white trim creates a contrast. Since you have a neutral scheme, the addition of a statement wall feature is welcomed and would not overpower the look or feel of the room. Using a neutral color just a couple of shades darker than the trim will make the contrast more subtle. I would hesitate to remove the trim as this is such a unique and sought after feature that adds a layer of elegance to the space!