The Making of an Office Nook


We have this awkward space in our bedroom that measures about 5.5 feet wide and about 8 feet long. I am at a loss as to how to style this space to make it functional. Right now it has become somewhat of a collect all. I thought about getting a small desk in the area and making it a small office space. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated and please ignore the mess.

Hi Kayla! 

Thanks so much for reaching out! You are spot on with your idea to turn this nook into an office space, and you seem to have the perfect desk already! I love turning an unexpected (and unused) area of a room into a statement maker, and I have pulled together some suggestions to turn this into a focal point of your bedroom! Here's what I recommend:

I would definitely keep the table you have in your images in order to save your budget for pieces that will make an impact. It seems to fit into the nook perfectly, and a white finish keeps the design choices flexible! The items I would consider investing in to make the most impact are a desk chair with personality (I tend to go with dining chairs over office chairs as there are many more unique options available in this category), a rug (3x5 would work well), a pendant or chandelier, a wall treatment for the back wall (either paint or wallpaper) and a mirror.