The 5 Rug Types You Should Know About

No matter your design expertise, you must know about these staple rug types. Nearly every interiors photo you find will feature a rug that falls into one of these five categories, and understanding the styles and their various uses will help you to make the best design decisions for your space. Get ready to take some notes!

1. Jute/Textured

This rug type may be credited with starting the revolution of more relaxed, “Cali-Cool” interiors. Traditionally associated with coastal designs, jute rugs have transitioned over to coastal's boho-offshoot. You can most commonly find this rug layered beneath a bright pattern-rich kilim to provide a neutral base of texture. Not only for indoors, this rug is the perfect choice for outdoor spaces as well!

*works best in: coastal style, contemporary style, boho-eclectic styles, outdoor spaces, or layered under just about any rug you may have!

2. Kilim

The rug trend that is sweeping the design world by storm for its effortless boho edge with a timeless lived-in feel. Kilim refers to a vintage rug having been produced from countries of the Persian empire. These rugs are packed with color, pattern, and “I have withstood the test of time” personality. Because the colors are worn and often faded, the vibrance is more subtle and understated than a new rug, making it the perfect pop of color for more muted design styles. The price tag of a full-sized original can be offsetting, so perhaps try a runner for your kitchen or bath for just as much impact at a fraction of the cost!

*works best in: boho-eclectic style, Cali-cool style, or layered atop a jute

3. Moroccan Shag

Similar in feel to the kilim-working best with boho-eclectic room types-this rug type relies less heavily on color and pattern and more so on texture, making it a more approachable option for contemporary spaces! A diamond pattern is typical as well as the traditional beige-brown color scheme in a thick, high pile texture. This is one of my favorite styles to use for nurseries for the soft aesthetic that it provides (both physically and visually)

*works best in: boho-eclectic style, Cali-cool style, Scandinavian style, and nurseries

4. Traditional Reinvented

As the name implies this rug style incorporates traditional elements with a twist. The patterns are typically more traditional in nature, featuring the well know intricate designs of oriental style but are paired with unexpected elements of modern touches such as bright colors, overdyes and unnatural distressing methods.

*works best in: boho-eclectic style, Cali-cool style, and contemporary style

5. Modern and Minimal

It may not sound like it, but this rug style is more complex and encompassing than you might think. Before all of the trendy titles and categorizations, rugs were either “modern” or “traditional.” Modern rugs being those that featured minimal amounts of pattern to contradict the intricacies of traditional styles. Nowadays, modern encompasses a variety of subcategories such as shag rugs, geometrics, solids, scandinavian-inspired and cowhides alike!

*works best in: mid-century modern, boho-eclectic style, and contemporary style

Believe me, you will not be able to read an interiors magazine without playing the categorization game! You're welcome! :)

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