Rug vs Runner Which is the Right Fit for Your Entryway?


Hello. I recently got a large dog and thinking I need a rug for her to stop on when she comes down the stairs. Do you recommend a runner that runs along wall where door is or a larger rug in the larger space as there will be lots of coming and going through this area. Measurements: Wall to beginning of stairs - 5ft stair wall to opposite wall - 5.5 ft Front door to wall where table is at - 10 ft Furthest stair rail to opposite wall along front of house - 10 ft

Hi Heather! 

Thanks so much for reaching out! Such a great question here as there is not a technical “right” or “wrong” choice for this dilemma, which seems to make things all the trickier. But, I can recommend based on what I think would look best and would provide the most function to a high-trafficked space such as this! 

Based on your entryway dimensions and the orientation of the architectural elements, I would highly recommend choosing a rug over a runner and positioning this in the entry portion of the space between the door and the table as opposed to along the front wall. This would help to better define your entry space creating a “base” in front of the doorway as opposed to the alternate location which would draw the eye in a contradictory direction. An entry rug/runner is used to guide your guests in to lead them in the direction you intend for them to go. That said, the most logical location would be the one aforementioned. This placement would also help to ground your console table and coat rack to create more of a unified and functional entryway.   Kyler