Get the Look: Global Chic Girl's Room

Let's just say kids rooms have come a LOOOOONG way since my childhood-pretty sure I had a Little Tikes plastic dream house bed until I was 12. And don't think that children are unaware of their options. I stand by the fact that my most demanding client to date was a 9 year old girl who swore she could see the difference between bubblegum and cotton candy pink!

Keeping up with trends in the children's department can be quite a challenge. But for the most part, the evolution draws influence from what is popular in the grown-up world. Take this design for instance...pretty mature for a girls room in terms of style influences, yet it still maintains a youthful whimsy.  

One aspect of this space that I love is the fact that the base is neutral. So often parents think that if their child loves pink, the entire room and all of its contents MUST be pink. This is great and all UNTIL your child decides that his/her favorite color is no longer than pink. Rather than replace a few items, the entire space must be redone. Children change their interests just about as fast as they grow. This design allows the colors, patterns, and theme of the design to be easily altered to transition with the child. Another great aspect is that the space carries a sophistication that will easily blend in with the style of the rest of the home...try mixing Barbie wallpaper with your new linen sofa... !


1. art  2. lamp  3. pillow  4. throw  5. bed  6. hamper  7. pouf  8. dresser  9. rug

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