Destination Inspiration: Palm Springs

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

It’s no secret… I don’t quite belong in the current time period. Not only was my first car a 1957 Bel-Air, but I host a continuously growing collection of 50’s furniture and decor, and my favorite afternoons are spent listening to Dean Martin classics while sipping my beverage of choice: a mint mojito…not your typical 25-year-old millennial.  When the opportunity arose to visit Palm Springs for Modernism Week, you could imagine my excitement. Living in the southern United States, there is seldom an opportunity to see a real-life Eames chair (in Palm Springs I saw three!)

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Befriend Colors you Never Knew Existed!

There is something about the mastery of mid-century design in Palm Springs that immediately puts a breeze in your hair and a mojito in your hand. In terms of color, anything (and I mean anything) goes. For starters, this hotel welcomes visitors into the city…

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Pattern, then pattern again!

Bold is by all means an understatement. I had never pictured the combination of a flamingo wallpapered bathroom,  a palm wallpapered closet, and a banana themed patio as being anything I would ever want to experience; however, in Palm Springs it works, and it works incredibly well!

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Wall? What wall?

Most people seem to have a misconception of mid-century design. They envision dark spaces with heavy wood tones and nubby textures, when MCM is anything but! For Palm Springs, the beauty lies within connecting the landscape of the interior with that of the terrain. That means not only echoing strong forms and textures, but also drawing from the bright color of the water and the sky and the bold pops of color from the flowers and trees. Modernists aim to create a seamless plane among the indoor and the outdoor-I guess this is where we can justify the palm paper…still puzzled about the bananas, though.   

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You Can Do It!

Outside of Palm Springs, unfortunately, I see that more than any other style, mid-century modern seems to be highly intimidating to most people. In all actuality, few styles work better for mixing into an already decorated space. If you have your hesitations, start small with one piece. This can be a sideboard, some artwork, or a planter. As you fall more in love with the style (trust me, you will!) you may just be tempted to plaster your powder room with flamingo paper (I’m getting close). If you are too, HERE… you’re welcome. :)  (image courtesy of,

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