Choosing Between Warm and Cool Neutrals

ASKED BY SARA • APR 12, 2019

Hello, I am looking for a bigger rug for my family room. Can you help me decide which one will look good with my light gray leather sectional. The gray leather has a slight green undertone. I am not sure if I should go for a slightly creamy/beige (warmer) rug or white/gray/blue-gray (cooler) rug?

Hi Sara! 

Thanks so much for reaching out! First off, what a beautiful modern space you have! The contrast between the light finishes and the dark wood tones is stunning. That said, I want to be sure to help you to choose the right rug to perfect the aesthetic you have going! Choosing between warm and cool neutrals is always challenging and usually should be decided on case-by-case.

For your space in particular I would lean towards a rug that features a warmer neutral. This will help to pull back in the warmer shade of your paint color and will pair nicely with the warmer undertones of the wood finishes. When going for a more minimal feel like you have here, I tend to like to add in subtle touches of pattern for interest, and you seem to be right on track with the selections that you sent along. My recommendation for your space would be the Clair Ivory Rug (followed closely by the Keagan). The Clair is one of my all-time favorites. The pattern is the perfect mix of geometric and organic to make a subtle statement without overpowering. The pattern also works beautifully paired alongside the modern lines of your sofa and lounge chair. 

Hope this helps!