Adding Wallpaper to Any (and Every) Space

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

image via Domino

Regardless of client age, style preference, or room type, the majority of my sourcing requests link in one way or another to wallpaper. Will wallpaper work in my space? How many walls should I cover? What style and colorway would coordinate with my existing pieces? The variety of questions are infinite, but the message is clear… wallpaper is IN more now than perhaps ever before. It is the trend everyone continues to talk about and seems to be here to stay!

image via Cedar and Moss


With the limitless pattern options available, some are better suited for different room types and room sizes. Typically, the larger the room, the more flexibility you have to go bold (at least with one wall!) For a more relaxing space like a bedroom, a lighter overall pattern and colorway work to create a sense of calm. A nursery allows limits to be pushed with more whimsical prints and color combinations. One space that seems to defy all typical wallpaper “rules” is the powder room. Though it is typically a small, poorly lit space, bolder is always better. This is a statement space that has the potential to really “shock” your guests (in the best way possible, of course!)

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One person’s bold is another person’s neutral. Determine the balance of color, pattern and scale that feel right for you. If you are planning for one accent wall, perhaps you have more leeway to push the limits as opposed to a full room where you might want to tone back a bit. If you are new to wallpaper, try one small pop in place of a painted accent wall -a mantle or headboard wall is a great way to ease yourself in. But as an avid “wallpaperer” once you start, you just can’t get enough. Pretty soon every wall of every room (ceilings included) will be covered!

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image via Domino


With the majority of papers being offered in a removable option, the number one concern with wallpaper is no longer permanentness. PAPER IS PRICEY. If you plan to go all out with papering your home here are a few tips to consider…

1. Avoid the mainstream vendors - It pays off to hunt around for a lesser known seller! Etsy is my favorite resource for finding unique wallpaper at a fraction of the cost. The paper ships from individual artists and is often customizable!

2. DIY your own paper. Times are tough! This is a great solution for a papered effect on the cheap and is on my home renovation to-do list! If you’re a renter, removable self-adhesive canvas (such as Tempaper) is a great choice. Take a look at THIS step-by-step for inspiration.

3. Consider a paint-paper combo. Stick to one accent wall of paper and choose a paint color that matches the background of the paper’s print. This will help to visually extend the look of the paper and will create a more unified look when four walls of paper is not an option!

Paper crazy? I know the feeling! With all the options out there, it can seem impossible to choose! Here are a few of my favorites...

Moroccan // Oranges // Femme // Shibori // Abstract // Sweet Spot