Adding a Storage Console to a Narrow Entryway

image source: One Kings Lane

ASKED BY KARI • APR 10, 2019

Trying to hunt down narrow (in depth) console for the entryway hallway. Something that has a bit of storage but not so heavy that that storage part goes all the way to the floor. Current table is 16 inches deep and 52ish long. Looking to go form more a transitional/modern piece. Walls are BM Revere Pewter.

Hi Kari! 

Thanks so much for reaching out! Finding a console to fit your functional needs (as well as your space requirements) can be challenging! Although, I have found as of recently that more and more companies are offering options to fit narrow spaces-wether it be a entry hallway or the backside of a sofa- as many homes just don’t offer the space for a bulkier piece! That said, I am confident I can guide you in the right direction! 

My favorite way to add storage without visual bulkiness is to go for an option that has a shelf or a drawer and then to tuck baskets beneath for a lighter and more flexible storage layer. For a narrow console, adding baskets to floor on either side  is a great solution. The top drawer or shelf of the console allows storage for smaller items that you may want to tuck away out of sight while basket storage can handle the rest! I always aim to top the console with an element of height to lighten up the look even more. A tall lamp or a wall mirror is a great choice! This draws the eye up as opposed to lingering on the heavier storage aspects of the ensemble! Below I have included several console selections that I recommend for your space!

Happy Decorating! Kyler